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Zagreb Croatia

From thought-provoking murals jazzing up old cobblestone streets to a medieval fortress perched against the backdrop of the Medvednica mountain, Zagreb’s identity is rooted in its distinct mix of history, nature and art.

The past and present merge together in the capital city of Croatia. As you wander around buildings with red-tiled roofs in Gornji grad (Upper Town), you’ll find historical structures such as the Presidential Palace and St Mark’s Church. On the other hand, Novi Zagreb (new Zagreb) is known for its modern shopping complexes and high-rises. Donji grad (Lower Town) is dotted with quaint cafés, theatres and parks.

This city is filled with museums that will take you through the rich heritage of Croatia. If the past piques your interest, you can visit the Croatian Natural History Museum and Archaeological Museum on your trip to Zagreb. For a glimpse into the city’s modern and creative evolution, you can explore the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art and Museum of Broken Relationships.

The various squares scattered around the city stand as testimonies to the flourishing culture and architecture of Zagreb. While 19th-century buildings dominate the Republic of Croatia Square, architectural styles ranging from classism to modernism find themselves a spot in the Ban Jelačić Square.


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