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Yogyakarta Indonesia

The Indonesian city of Yogyakarta promises interesting history, regal charm and cultural treasures to its visitors. Resting between the Indian Ocean and the Javanese volcanoes, Yogyakarta is home to scenic views and a unique blend of traditions and modernity.

A visit to Yogyakarta will acquaint you with the cultural history and unique traditions of Indonesia. A famous Indonesian landmark and a UNESCO-listed site, Borobudur is considered the world's largest Buddhist temple. With about 500 Buddha statues, Borobudur offers stunning views of the rising sun. The temple ground of Prambanan is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although mostly in ruins, the main temples dedicated to the Hindu gods are major attractions for travellers. Fort Vredeburg, a former fortress, narrates tales of sacrifice by the Indonesian people against the foreign invaders.

Yogyakarta preserves its glorious past in its many museums. Sonobudoyo Museum is one such place which has carefully preserved Javanese cultural artefacts, such as puppets, masks, statues, textiles, instruments and weapons. You can take a trip to the Kraton of Yogyakarta – the political and cultural centre of the city – which also serves as the royal residence. Here, you can spend a part of your day watching wayang golek (wooden puppetry), classical dance and Javanese poetry shows.


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