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Yerevan Armenia

Set against the backdrop of the mighty Ararat mountain, Yerevan is Armenia's largest city. The capital is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world – giving birth to a rich cultural heritage and a deep history.

Every corner of Yerevan has a story to tell, and is best explored on foot. Walk to Republic Square, sit with a cup of coffee and watch the locals hurry past you. After this short break, climb the huge limestone stairs of the Yerevan Cascade to get a dazzling view of the Armenian capital and Mount Ararat. Discover more of Yerevan's history at the ruins of Erebuni fortress. Constructed around 20 years before the founding of Rome, Erebuni fortress stands atop the Arin Berd hill and overlooks the Ararat Plain with scenic views of Mount Ararat. For a lesson in Yerevan's darker side of history, head to the Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial to learn about the events that unfolded here in 1915.

The outdoor markets of Yerevan perfectly capture the pulse of the capital city. The shopping experience of this Armenian city comprises bright colours, buzzing streets and the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread. The Vernissage market is a massive indoor-outdoor market selling carpets, handicrafts, and paintings by local artisans. The GUM market is famous for lavash, a paper-thin bread considered a staple in the region.


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