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Yaroslavl Russia

Founded in 1010, Yaroslavl is Central Russia’s second-largest city and the oldest on the Golden Ring, a collection of ancient towns that preserve Russian history and important architecture.

Yaroslavl’s thousand-year history means its UNESCO-listed city centre is filled with treasures to discover. One of the most popular sights is the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, a 12th-century building that offers a soaring view over the city from the bell tower of its main temple, the Transfiguration Cathedral. The red-bricked John the Baptist Church takes pride of place on the 1,000-rouble note, and features 15 green-tinted cupolas and a large collection of frescoes to admire. Other key churches worth visiting include the Annunciation Cathedral and the Church of Elijah the Prophet.

Take in the sights of Yaroslavl with a scenic cruise over the Volga River or take a stroll in the pleasant Yaroslavl Millennium Park. You can also grab a meal along the Volga promenade, with some restaurants serving ancient Russian dishes such as 'kundyum' – mushroom-filled dumplings which are baked and then stewed in a special broth.

Get to grips with the city’s past at the Yaroslavl History Museum, displaying relics and unique pieces from the last ten centuries. The Music and Time Museum exhibits a fascinating collection of clocks, bells, gramophones, and other interesting artefacts. The city’s Art Museum features a wide range of Russian paintings created between the 18th and 20th centuries.


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