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Wurzburg Germany

Once a powerful hub for influential prince-bishops, the Franconian city of Würzburg is situated in Germany’s Bavaria region. Its opulent baroque and rococo architecture combined with a rich history of viticulture make it a worthy destination for any traveller.

The city's standout attraction is undoubtedly the Würzburg Residence, frequently labelled as one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe and a noteworthy example of baroque design. The focal point of the interior is the meandering grand staircase, enveloped by the largest fresco in the world. This masterpiece by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo depicts Europe, Africa, America and Asia, with Würzburg at the centre to convey its importance. Take a tour around the Old Town to discover several charming churches like the gothic red-brick Marienkapelle. Cross over the River Main for a panoramic view over the city from the imposing Marienberg Fortress.

Würzburg is located in the region of Franconia, known for its production of exceptional wines. The city is home to some of Germany’s largest wine producers, such as Juliusspital Estate. Take a guided tour to discover the entire fermentation process from grape to glass. The on-site shop gives you the chance to try local favourites such as Riesling and Silvaner, as well as purchase bottles to take home.


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