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Wiesbaden Germany

The German city of Wiesbaden is renowned for its natural hot springs, casinos and traditional architecture that attracts visitors mostly from nearby Frankfurt and across the Rhine region. Home to over 270,000 residents, the city delivers a mixture of old and new German culture, combining Gothic architecture with modern shopping streets and restaurants.

Wiesbaden is home to some of Germany’s finest architectural landmarks, many of which span multiple eras. The 19th-century Martkirche, which overlooks the Schlossplatz district, is perhaps the city’s most famous building, while the Hessian State Theatre and the Biebrich Palace are also must-sees. A stroll through the Kurpark’s English gardens will reveal neoclassical structures like St Elizabeth’s Church and the Kurhaus – renowned for its stained glass windows and historical casino. From here, you can walk to Neroberg Hill and take the funicular to its summit, where you’ll be able to admire views of the city and its rich architectural profile.

Wiesbaden is most famous for its 26 natural hot springs, renowned since the Middle Ages for their restorative powers. Throughout history, the city’s bathhouses have been frequented by many famous names, including Goethe, Dostoyevsky and Wagner. In the centre of town, the Kochbrunnen is said to be the city’s oldest spring, while the ornate Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme offers a Victorian bathing experience featuring steam rooms and saunas.


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