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Wellington New Zealand

Wellington, the southernmost capital in the world, is surrounded by the slopes of forested hills and the glittering blue sea. Nicknamed ‘Windy Wellington' due to the strong winds coming through the Cook Strait, this city is the cultural, political and culinary seat of New Zealand.

For a journey back in time, try visiting some of the museums and historical sites in Wellington. Te Papa, an interactive museum, narrates tales of the powerful Māori culture along with the seafaring history of the nation. The Wellington Museum showcases the history of New Zealand through various artefacts and interesting displays. You'll get to learn about the people and events that shaped the culture of this country.

During your Wellington trip, you’ll always have something to entertain you – be it relaxing by the beach or exploring the city’s vintage shops. Try to visit the Carter Observatory to discover the southern skies and learn about ancient navigational techniques. Take a walk through the native trees and vibrant plants of the Botanic Garden for a relaxing time away from the city crowds. At the Wellington Zoo – New Zealand's first zoo and conservation organisation – you can watch animals like brown capuchins, capybaras, cheetahs and giraffes in their natural habitat. Surrounded by important buildings like the City Gallery, Central Library and the Civic Administration Building, the Civic Square is the heart of the city. A calming stroll around this area will acquaint you with the cultural pulse of Wellington.


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