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Wadi Rum
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Wadi Rum Jordan

It's impossible to bring up Wadi Rum and not mention 'Lawrence of Arabia' – the 1962 epic film that landed this remote swath of rocky desert in Jordan on the global stage. The drama was inspired by the life of British archaeologist, army officer and author TE Lawrence, who fought alongside Arab forces against the Ottomans during World War I and passed through the area. Today, Wadi Rum provides a quintessential desert experience and is an easy day trip from Aqaba or Petra.

Adventure tours introduce visitors to Wadi Rum's rugged surroundings. Camel rides offer authentic looks at how locals traversed the desert in years past, while four-wheel-drive tours can take you deeper into the area's shifting dunes and wind-shaped cliffs. Hikes into Khazali and Kharazeh canyons reveal colourful rock formations and desert views.

Tours can also stop at Lawrence's Spring and the Al Hasany Dunes for sweeping panoramas of the endless sands, or pause so you can snap photos of the area's three natural rock arches. Burdah Rock Bridge, the largest, can be reached via a challenging climb. For history or art lovers, ancient Thamudic and Nabataean inscriptions can be spotted throughout Wadi Rum.

An overnight stay in one of Wadi Rum's desert camps offers an unparalleled glimpse at Bedouin life in the desert. You'll experience the extreme heat of day and cold of night, stargaze and be able to witness the changing colours of the sand and surrounding sandstone cliffs as the sun sets and rises.


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