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Volgograd Russia

Situated on the banks of the Volga River, Volgograd is historically known as the location of one of the longest and toughest battles of World War ll. Formerly named ‘Stalingrad’ until 1961, the city is now home to many monuments commemorating the battle, most famously at the Alley of the Heroes and the Mamayev Kurgan Monument – a 52-metre-tall statue depicting a sword-wielding woman guarding the city.

During your visit to Volgograd, you’ll find some of Russia’s best architecture and monuments, most notably at the Stalinist-era train station, the V. I. Lenin Monument and Pavlov’s House – a former Red Army enclave still bearing the scars of wartime. For nature, Komsomol Park is home to exercise machines, kid’s activities and the Garden of Love – a favourite with couples. You can also enjoy views of the city from the Mammai Hills or during a cruise along the Volga.

Flights to Volgograd are available from Moscow multiple times a day, with the two-hour journey offering you the chance to explore Volgograd without taking too much time out of your schedule. Alternatively, direct flights are also available from London and other European capitals.


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