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Vladivostok Russia

Vladivostok is renowned as the unofficial capital of the Russian Far East and is one of Russia's most important port bases. With a gorgeous, hilly setting on the coast, Vladivostok offers endless cultural attractions and delicious foods.

Some of Russia’s finest cultural institutions are located right here in Vladivostok. At the Zarya Centre for Contemporary Art, you’ll discover exciting architecture and design, exhibitions, film screenings, lectures and more. At night, hit the Russian Opera House for old opera, ballet classics or breathtaking symphonies. The design of the venue is well worth the visit too – it’s essentially a cube within a cube with glass walls.

Vladivostok offers some of the best food in Russia. Hit Lozhki-Ploshki for a sample of traditional local cuisine such as beetroot-rich borscht, homemade pelmeni dumplings in soup or varenyky. The basement setting channels industrial and rustic styles with exposed pipes, and makes for an inviting social space. Be sure to visit Sportivnaya Market too – it’s the city’s largest market and a local hotspot. You’ll be able to buy some of the freshest seafood including crabs, king prawns or small crayfish, and feast immediately on benches overlooking the waterfront.


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