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Vigo Spain

Home to Europe's largest fishing fleet, the northern Spanish city of Vigo is part industrial port and part cultured city. It holds the title of being Spain’s westernmost city and is famous for its beautiful beaches, exquisite seafood and charismatic Old Town – also known as ‘Casco Vello’ – which enchants with cobblestone streets, 19th-century architecture, neoclassical churches and charming plazas. Another star attraction here are the Cíes Islands – a stunning archipelago of three islands which are a part of the Atlantic Islands National Park.

The best introduction to Vigo is from atop Castro Park – a hilltop spot offering incredible panoramic views of the city and surrounding region. History buffs can also get their fill here, as the remnants of a castle dating all the way back to the 3rd century BCE can be visited en route. Other sites of interest include the Museo Quiñones de León – which is packed full of Galician art and artefacts and is housed in a former castle – and the Vigo Museum of Contemporary Art. For the best sunset views, hike up to the ​​scenic little chapel at the Monte da Guía lookout.

Perhaps the biggest draw of Vigo lies offshore in the Cíes Islands – a breathtaking archipelago which was billed as the ‘Islands of the Gods’ by the Romans. A part of the Atlantic Islands National Park, these uninhabited islands offer empty, unspoilt beaches, plenty of wildlife and beautiful scenery. Other spots which are just a stone’s throw from the city include Samil Beach – a 1,700-metre-long stretch of sand with a charming promenade – and the peaceful Parque de Castrelos.


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