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Valencia Spain

Resting along the banks of River Turia, right at the centre of Spain's Mediterranean coastline, Valencia is dotted with balmy beaches and tree-lined promenades ideal for leisurely bike rides. Its manicured gardens, intricate architecture and quiet churches give the city a characterful identity.

Valencia's skyline juxtaposes avant-garde designs with the city's old-world charm. You'll find several historical periods coming together here – from the UNESCO-listed Gothic structure of Lonja de la Seda to the futuristic cultural complex of the City of Arts and Sciences. Don't miss out on a walk down the winding streets of El Carmen for some glimpses of the city's Arabic and Roman roots.

Azure waters of the Mediterranean wash the golden shores of the Valencia Coast. You can set aside some time on your Valencia trip to enjoy an afternoon siesta at the Malvarrosa Beach or head out to the Albufera Natural Park for stunning sunset views from beaches flanked with rugged vegetation.

This port city is the birthplace of 'paella' – and is therefore ideal for a restaurant-hopping spree to get your fill of this saffron-infused seafood delicacy. The Valencian cuisine holds a soft spot for rice and vegetables, making 'arròs al forn' and 'gazpacho' top favourites among locals and tourists alike. You can pair almost all your meals with 'Agua de Valencia' – a local cocktail made from cava and orange juice.


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