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Ushuaia Argentina

Located at the very bottom of Argentina, Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. This is a picture-postcard city with snow-capped mountains, a glittering lake and vibrant buildings.

A lot of the culture and past of Ushuaia is stored in its museums. Yamana Museum educates visitors on the lives of the original Fuegian people and their culture. Maritime Penal and Antarctic Museum is another interesting place to learn the history of this land. Originally a prison, this museum is divided into separate exhibits that display the maritime, postal and cultural history of Ushuaia.

Owing to its interesting location, Ushuaia has a number of unique things to do. Try not to miss the End of the World Train – a tourist train originally known as the ‘Train of the Prisoners’, that brought wood to the prison of Ushuaia. It snakes past the mighty Andes and offers breathtaking views of the mountain landscapes. A short visit to Tierra del Fuego National Park will acquaint you with the true beauty of this region. Apart from indigenious wildlife, you'll be able to spot penguin colonies, black-browed albatross and the Canadian beaver here.

The best way to travel to Ushuaia is by flight. There are a number of flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Malvinas Argentinas International Airport. You can also fly from Rio Gallegos in Patagonia to Ushuaia via a one-hour flight.


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