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Ulm Germany

Situated on the border of Germany’s state of Bavaria, the city of Ulm boasts many claims to fame. It’s the birthplace of Albert Einstein, home to the world’s highest church steeple, oldest zoomorphic figurine and crookedest hotel. The charming medieval centre and riverside paths allow for many scenic wanders.

Ulm’s historic centre is small enough to explore on foot, making it easy to discover the beautifully resorted Fishermen’s and Tanners’ Quarter at your own pace. Here, you’ll find a host of half-timbered houses, including the famous 14th-century Crooked House hotel which leans over a charming waterway fed by the Danube River. Follow the trail of the city’s well-preserved town walls and you’ll also come across the 36-metre-tall Metzgerturm tower and lots of riverside restaurants and cafés.

Taking pride of place in the city centre is Ulm Minster, an immense Gothic cathedral featuring the tallest church spire in the world at 162 metres. Venture into the Marktplatz and you’ll come upon the imposing town hall which features a wonderful frescoed Renaissance facade and a replica of a 16th-century astronomical clock. Opposite the town hall, you’ll notice the City Library– a pyramid-shaped glass building designed by the Cologne architect Gottfried Böhm.


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