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Ooty India

Lying in the green Western Ghats of India, Ooty or iUdhagamandalams is a resort town known for its natural beauty. This city in Tamil Nadu offers stretches of tea plantations, glimmering lakes and a wide number of activities for all those who visit.

Every Ooty itinerary has a mention of Ooty Lake – an artificial lake built for the purpose of fishing. Here, you can rent a boat and spend some time admiring views of the surrounding greenery. Emerald Lake, another beautiful location, boasts unparalleled views of tea plantations. Try to visit around sunset or sunrise to witness the setting or rising sun. You can briefly stop at Avalanche Lake, formed by a landslide and encircled by green hills. The tranquility and stunning views of this location make it an ideal picnic spot.

Owing to its idyllic location in the laps of the Nilgiris, Ooty abounds in natural resources. Deer Park, located a few kilometres from Ooty Lake, is a place for wildlife enthusiasts to spot a variety of deer species, like sambar and chital. With stretching fields of green and an array of flora, this park is one of the best-known wildlife sanctuaries in India. You can also make your way to Mukurthi National Park, a popular trekking site with various streams and rivers. You’ll be able to see flocks of birds and animals near the water from your position atop the watchtowers located inside the park.


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