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Ubatuba Brazil

Located right on the Tropic of Capricorn and synonymous with a sun-kissed coastline and jungle-clad interior, the city of Ubatuba is the jewel in São Paulo state's crown. The emerald-green peaks of the Serra do Mar provide a dramatic backdrop to the city and are perfect for hiking, and a series of idyllic beaches lie within easy reach.

While there are plenty of other things to do in Ubatuba, the main reason to come here is for the series of paradisiacal beaches that line the coastline. Considered some of Brazils’ best and wildest, the beaches here are nothing short of spectacular. For a secluded swimming spot, head to the Praia do Cedro – a palm-fringed stretch of sand known for its deep green water – or for some of the best surfing in the region, Itamambuca Beach is your best bet. Other spots include the popular Praia Grande, the wave-washed Praia Vermelha do Norte and the remote Praia da Fortaleza which offers hidden rock pools and panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean.

After an action-packed day of surfing, water sports and beach time, you’ll need to replenish yourself, and Ubatuba’s culinary scene will more than suffice. Spread out across the city centre and the region’s many beaches, the restaurants and cafés here offer up both traditional and original dishes made from hearty local fare and lip-smackingly good seafood.


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