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Tulum Mexico

With its idyllic location along the Caribbean Sea, Tulum is a popular holiday destination in Mexico. Ancient Mayan sites rub shoulders with sun-soaked beaches at this beautiful resort city.

At the Tulum Archeological Site (Tulum Archaeological Zone), you can gain deep insights into the ancient Mayan civilisation. The step-pyramid shaped El Castillo and the intricately carved Templo de las Pinturas are part of this archaeological complex. You can even go swimming at the white-sand beach located here. During your Tulum holiday, spare some time to visit the Parque Nacional Tulum too. It has ruins of Mayan temples, trails and picturesque sea views.

There are a plethora of beautiful beaches to choose from in Tulum. Head over to the aptly named Paradise Beach, which has rocky cliffs, palm trees and soft sands that offer excellent photo opportunities. You can spend time at the beachside restaurants or even embark on boating trips from here. Playa RuĂ­nas is ideal for enjoying scenic views and spotting local wildlife like iguanas. At Playa Las Palmas, you can sunbathe or picnic on the sandy shores washed by gentle waves.

When you visit Tulum, you’ll find plenty of cenotes to go swimming and diving in. Cenote Calavera is popular with divers due to its underwater caves while Gran Cenote offers clear waters for swimming and a cave where you can see bats hanging upside down. Take a trip to the UNESCO-listed Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve to enjoy kayaking and observing the resident manatees.


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