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Tromso Norway

Tromsø sits on the edge of Tromsøya island, which is connected to mainland Norway by a bridge. Located north of the Arctic Circle, the city is characterised by two unique natural phenomena – midnight sun and the Northern Lights.

A wintry escape for adventure seekers, Tromsø offers visitors plenty of opportunities to experience the Arctic atmosphere. Snow-clad mountains, icy fjords and the local wildlife create a stunning setting for a peaceful moment spent at one with nature. Tromsø is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights, inviting people from all over to chase the elusive aurora. Depending on the time of year, you may get a chance to witness the magical lights dance across the night sky, painting it in shades of emerald and purple.

On your Tromsø trip, make some time for the winter activities on offer to elevate your Arctic adventure. You can get acquainted with the region’s native inhabitants by meeting the local Sámi people, taking a husky sledge ride and feeding the reindeer. Resembling slabs of ice stacked against each other, the Polaria aquarium is home to myriad marine life, including seals. Another example of the conceptual, cutting-edge architecture in the city is the Arctic Cathedral – a sleek structure featuring an intricate stained-glass mosaic on one side. The church plays host to concerts year round, but the most unique experiences are those during the midnight sun in summer and the Northern Lights in winter.


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