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Trento Italy

Set in a glacial valley just south of the Dolomite Mountains, Trento is a great jumping-off point for hiking, skiing and wine tasting. The Northern Italian city also boasts a medeival centre that’s sure to captivate visitors who are passionate about history and art.

Trento is packed with exciting things to do and see on holiday. Nestled in the valley of Monte Bondone, the Alpine Botanical Garden is home to more than 2000 species of rare high-altitude plants and even has a small nature trail. Offering sweeping mountain views, it remains one of the oldest and largest gardens in the Dolomite Alps. To learn something new, check out MUSE, a 21st-century science museum that features interactive exhibitions on the Alpine environment, sustainability, technology and more.

Trento is filled with historical landmarks, many of which you’ll find in its picturesque medieval city centre. There’s the 13th-century Buonconsiglio Castle, a stronghold that housed the prince bishops for centuries. Nowadays, the Gothic monument is home to provincial collections of art and archaeology. There’s also the 11th-century Trento Cathedral, a Romanesque building erected atop a fourth-century temple dedicated to Saint Vigilis. Inside, you’ll discover a range of medeival frescoes and a Baroque altar.


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