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Trapani Italy

Located in the tip of Italy’s boot, Trapani is a coastal city home to salt flats, scenic beaches and a lively port halfway between Europe and Africa.

The Torre di Ligny is a 17th-century watchtower situated on the tip of the headland in Trapani. Housing an archaeological museum, it offers panoramic views of the brilliant blue sea. The old town area is characterised by crumbling pastel houses, wrought-iron balconies and a sprinkling of historic monuments. Tucked away on a narrow street, the Trapani Cathedral – also known as the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo – features a baroque facade, triple arches and a frescoed interior. A short walk away is the Chiesa del Purgatorio, home to 20 life-sized wooden sculptures known as the ‘misteri’ that depict stories from the Passion of Christ. Every Easter, the city comes alive with music and colour during a 24-hour procession of these ‘mysteries’ carried through the streets.

A few kilometres from Trapani, you’ll find acres of stunning salt flats near Marsala which have contributed to the region’s economy for centuries. Closer to the city, dotted with charming windmills and pink flamingos, the salt pans of the Natural Reserve of Saline di Trapani and Paceco also make for picturesque photo opportunities. Nearby, there's a Salt Museum set inside an old mill, where you can learn about the history and traditions of salt mining.


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