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Toulouse France

This city elegantly sits by the banks of River Garonne, inviting travellers to explore its pastel-hued streets and enjoy its laid-back atmosphere. Along with being a relaxing destination for a city break in France, Toulouse serves as the busy capital of the southern Occitanie region.

Classic terracotta bricks with a pinkish tinge define the city’s architecture, giving it the epithet of ‘La Ville Rose’ (The Pink City). On your Toulouse trip, visit the Romanesque-style Basilica of Saint-Sernin, the emblematic Capitole de Toulouse or the 16th-century Pont Neuf bridge that stretches over the Garonne. You can also cycle or walk along the UNESCO-listed Canal du Midi, a waterway that passes through the city and connects the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.

To delve deeper into the natural and ethnological wealth of the region, you can drop by the Muséum de Toulouse. If you’d like to acquaint yourself with some of the masterpieces of French artistry, explore Musée des Augustins – a fine arts museum housing paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century. You can also surround yourself with contemporary artworks and inspiring installations at the Les Abattoirs museum on your visit to Toulouse.


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