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Torremolinos Spain

The coastal town of Torremolinos is known for its top-notch nightlife and sun-soaked beaches, making it a summer holiday hotspot. Aside from the coastal charm, it also offers an abundance of historic sites which hark back to its former existence as a fishing village.

You can take a historical tour of Torremolinos by visiting some of its key monuments dotted around the city. Torre Pimentel, which gave the city its name, was originally called Torre de los Molinos (Tower of the Mills). It was built around 1300 as part of a network of defensive towers guarding the Iberian Peninsula’s southern coast. There’s also the Neo-Mudéjar-style mansion of Casa de los Navajas which was built in 1925 by a wealthy family. This architectural gem is free to enter and hosts various exhibitions and musical performances. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Parque de la Batería (Battery Park) serves as one of the green lungs of the city, but also the site of a historic fort with cannons and bunkers still visible today. Today, its most attractive features are an artificial boating lake and a Venetian-style carousel.

Once graced by Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner and other members of the Hollywood elite, La Carihuela Beach has long been one of the most popular beaches along the Costa del Sol. Its sprawling promenade, beach clubs and bars make it a great spot any time of day. You can also enjoy fresh fried fish at one of the many restaurants along the two kilometres of sandy beachfront.


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