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Torquay UK

Torquay is a coastal town in England boasting a sandy beach, elegant gardens and numerous restaurants serving authentic Devonian cuisine, dominated by fish items. The warm weather and high-quality sea water of this resort town has attracted travellers from all around the globe.

The beaches in Torquay offer peaceful sheltered spots and brilliant views of the sea. Meadfoot Beach, with a combination of rocks and sand, is home to a number of caf├ęs and beach huts. If you're interested in fishing, then this beach should be on your itinerary. You can also travel to Babbacombe Beach to witness gorgeous views of the calm waters or try scuba diving.

Torquay stores the richness of its culture magnificently. Torre Abbey, an 800-year-old museum of history, art and performance has a fine display of artworks from various time periods and holds regular exhibitions for upcoming artists of the region. Stop by Torquay Museum for a look into its eight galleries that feature collections from all over the world. The works of Agatha Christie along with the props and furniture she used are stored in this museum as well.

The nearest airport to Torquay is Exeter International Airport. From here, it takes about 45 minutes to reach the English city by car. Bus services are available from various cities for travellers within the country.


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