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Timisoara Romania

Nestled along the Bega River, Timișoara exists as one of Romania’s fastest growing cities. Home to a wide selection of cultures and ethnicities, the city was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Habsburg Dynasties but now exists as a 40,000-strong university town leading the way in Medicine. The city that started the Romanian Revolution has made important breakthroughs in heart surgery and artificial fertilization, while less importantly Timișoara offers the world’s fastest internet speed.

Nicknamed ‘Little Vienna’ because of its beautiful monuments and Art Nouveau architecture, Timișoara is soon to be announced as Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2023. Spend a day wandering across the city to see famous landmarks like the Piarist Lyceum, The Palace of the Serbian Episcopacy, Saint Ecaterina Church, Loffer Palace, the Opera House and more. Additionally, the Holy Trinity and Wolf statues, as well as The Slaughterhouse în Timișoara are filled with illustrious history and grand narratives.

There’s many different things to do in Timișoara from historical sightseeing at Huniade Castle and the Synagogue of the Fabric District to enjoying traditional Romanian delicacies like pork rutabaga in Traian Square. You’ll find a selection of riverside parks suited to picnics and children’s play with the Grand Post Park, the Childrens’ Park and Regina Maria Park offering the best. Alternatively, spend an afternoon in a café before visiting the Timişoara Art Museum, home to around 1,500 pieces of glass work, ceramics and famous Sevre porcelain.


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