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The Hague
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The Hague Netherlands

The third-largest city in the Netherlands, The Hague (called 'Den Haag' locally) is home to the Dutch government as well as the royal family. It is also known as the international city of peace and justice, boasting over 200 important global organisations.

When in The Hague, make sure to check out the historic buildings that make the city influential both nationally and globally. Start with the seat of the Dutch parliament at the Binnenhof – a 13th-century Gothic castle situated by a pond. Then there’s the Huis ten Bosch Palace, the Dutch royal residence in the midst of a forest. A global icon of harmony, the Peace Palace houses prestigious institutions like the United Nations’ International Court of Justice. The impressive building is adorned by precious art and artefacts gifted by countries from all over the world supporting its ideals.

Situated on the North Sea coast, The Hague is a popular choice for travellers looking for a beach break in the Netherlands. Scheveningen is a seaside resort with stretches of sand and a picturesque pier offering adventure sports, beachfront restaurants and a Ferris wheel. The area is also home to Madurodam – a theme park with miniature models of Dutch cities dotted with iconic landmarks, tulip fields, canal houses and windmills.


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