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Tarragona Spain

With ancient ruins overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and quaint cafés scattered around the historic centre, Tarragona is one of Spain’s most beloved city breaks.

The history of Tarragona can be traced back to the fifth century BCE. One of the biggest draws for this city is the UNESCO-listed archeological ensemble of Tarraco – one of the oldest Roman settlements in the Iberian Peninsula. You’ll find the city to be like an old sepia photograph coming to life as you wander along the prehistoric Roman circus, provincial forum, necropolis and walled alleys. Above all, you’ll get to take in the views of the second-century Tarragona Amphitheatre facing the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean.

Tarragona’s coastline stretches along 15 km, calling upon sunseekers to relax on its golden sand beaches. If you’re looking for a beach close to the city centre, head to El Miracle or L'Arrabassada. For a quiet time away from the city, visit Cala Jovera – a secluded beach near the castle of Tamarit. You can also rent a sunbed and enjoy the sea breeze at Playa Larga, the longest beach in Tarragona.

This port city features a wide array of cafés and tapas bars. You can try ‘bocadillos’ – Spanish sandwiches – or tuck into some authentic Catalan dishes around the Tarragona Old Town. The El Serrallo neighbourhood is particularly famous for seafood. Round off your day with a local beer at one of the waterfront bars at Marina Tarragona.


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