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Tarifa Spain

Tarifa, tucked in the southernmost part of the Iberian Peninsula, is known as one of the most famous destinations for wind sports. The European capital of kite surfing, this Spanish municipality offers glittering beaches, cozy cafes and a pulsating nightlife.

Despite having a calm and relaxing charm, Tarifa is a hub for outdoor activities. In the summer months, you can join a kite school and learn how to kite surf. During this time, beaches are littered with kites and other people trying to master the skill. Dive into the warm and clear waters of the Mediterranean while you're at Tarifa and watch life underwater. Go for a bike ride up the mountains to witness panoramic views of the surroundings, or venture a little farther on your bike to Baelo Claudio, a well-preserved Roman village by the sea. Whether you're new to rock climbing or a seasoned climber, you'll find a suitable rock to test your skills. Flanked by mountains, northern Tarifa has a good number of trails as well. Hike up La Pena or El Bujeo for magnificent views of the scenes down below.

Tarifa has some of the best relaxing spots by the sea. Head to Playa de los Lances, famous for kitesurfing, for a quick rejuvenating experience under the warm sun. The windy Valdevaqueros beach is ideal for kitesurfing and attracts the maximum number of travellers. Do not miss the white-sand beach of Punta Paloma, with its sand dunes and green trees, when you're in this Spanish city.


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