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Tampere Finland

Set between two vast lakes and flanked with grassy banks, Tampere is a scenic city with a laid-back atmosphere. Finland’s third-largest city is renowned for its industrial past, a legacy easily spotted in its many quirky museums, boutique shops, cafes and eateries that are housed revamped industrial buildings.

Tampere is filled with plenty of historical attractions to keep you occupied, many of which feature a distinctive red brick. There’s the Tampere Cathedral, an iconic example of art nouveau architecture that dates back to 1907. The 19th-century Alexander Church is hard to miss, thanks to its pillars and surrounding gardens, which supplement the grandeur of this Gothic Revival monument. Finally, the 1879 Finlayson Church wears its red brick proudly from top to bottom and makes for a very photogenic monument.

You’ll find a range of unique museums in Tampere. The Moomin Museum celebrates one of Finald’s favourite illustrated franchises. It contains original drawings by Moomins creator Tove Jansson as well as dioramas depicting scenes from these quirky stories. Another highlight is the Spy Museum, where visitors can learn all about the world of espionage and real life spies. Gadgets on display include covert microphones, lie detectors, eavesdropping devices and more.


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