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Takamatsu Japan

On the Japanese island of Shikoku, the pretty port town of Takamatsu is known for its landscaped gardens, compelling museums and a reputation for noodles dishes which earned it the nickname 'the Udon Kingdom’.

A designated Japanese National Treasure, Ritsurin Park is one of Takamatsu’s biggest draws. Completed in 1745, it was once a private garden for the Sanuki and Sausma warlords to relax in. Today, it’s enjoyed by visitors from all over the world who come to take in sights such as the famous Engetsu-kyo Bridge and the ‘Red Wall of Rocks’. Over in Tamomo Park, you can observe the waterfront Takamatsu Castle which dates back to the 16th century. This unique structure features saltwater moats and large tatami rooms.

There’s no better remedy for your hunger pangs than a deep bowl of Takamatsu’s flavoursome udon noodles. A traditional helping includes raw eggs, sliced onions and shredded radish pickles topped with a dash of soy sauce. Other varieties include fried tofu or tempura shrimp.

Takamatsu has a flourishing cultural scene, exemplified by its eclectic mix of museums. At the Takamatsu Art Museum, you can observe pieces by local and international artists within a former Bank of Japan. Head to the open-air museum of Shikoku Mura to explore Edo and Meiji-period buildings, including a lighthouse and a kabuki theatre with outdoor seating. If time allows, pay a visit to the Sanuki Folk Art Museum and Kagawa Museum for deeper insight into local history and culture.


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