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Sorrento Italy

Looking over the sapphire waters of the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is elegantly perched atop jagged cliffs, surrounded by orange and lemon groves. With long stretches of cobbled streets and pastel-hued landscapes, this coastal town has been a muse for many artists.

When travelling in Sorrento, you can walk around Piazza Tasso, a lively square lined with yellow buildings intersected by the shopping street of Corso Italia. On this street, you’ll also find the Romanesque-style Sorrento Cathedral. You can set aside some time to admire waterfront vistas with Mount Vesuvius in the background at the Villa Comunale park.

Along with being a breathtaking city itself, Sorrento is close to several towns and fishing villages that are equally scenic and easy to reach. You can take a day-trip from Sorrento, driving along the hairpin curves of the UNESCO-listed Amalfi Coast with views of limestone cliffs, striking blue bays and charming villages. You can also visit the Blue Grotto and the idyllic town of Capri, the ancient Roman site of Pompeii and the volcanic island of Ischia.

The city celebrates its southern Italian flavours with a trattoria, café, pizzeria or ristorante around every corner. On your Sorrento holiday, start your meal with an aperitivo of cheeses and cured meats while enjoying a glass of limoncello, a lemon-based liqueur produced in the Sorrentine Peninsula. You can then tuck into some gnocchi, pasta, handmade pizza or homemade bread drizzled with olive oil before rounding off your meal with a smooth gelato.


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