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Sopot Poland

Situated on Poland’s Baltic Coast, Sopot is renowned for its bustling resort nightlife and the vibrant atmosphere of Monte Cassino Street. Known as the ‘Tri-city’ because of its proximity to Gdansk, Sopot is easily accessible by regional transport links.

Sopot’s coastal location means there’s plenty of beach activity. While the climate isn’t the best for sunbathing, the city is home to Poland’s largest pier, suited to long promenade walks to the city’s famous lighthouse. In the city centre, Monte Cassino Street is home to many of the city’s bars and restaurants, taking on a new character at night. For cultural excursions, the Church of St George, the Grand Hotel or the Crooked House showcases Sopot’s best architecture, with rooftop parties going on into the early hours. In winter, Sopot is transformed into a bustling ski resort.

Dating back to the Pomeranian rule of the seventh century, Sopot has always been a valuable trading spot for the Baltic Coast. During the Middle Ages, the city remained a small fishing centre before being transformed into a spa town for the wealthy residents of Gdansk. After a period under Prussian governance, Sopot changed its name to Danzig and was occupied for a time by the Nazis during World War ll. Today, Sopot experiences a period of regeneration with spa resorts built along its pedestrianised shorelines. Head to the Sopot Museum to see postcards, prints and art exhibitions detailing the history of the city and the Classzen family.


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