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Sitges Spain

The coastal town of Sitges is located in Spain's Catalonia region. With blue seas on one side and the mountains of the Garraf Massif on the other, this old town is known for its natural beauty, historical sites and culture.

The picturesque Sitges has a lot to offer to travellers and is best explored on foot. Take a walk along the Sitges Beach Front to check out beaches like the Platja San SebastiĆ  and Platja del Balmains. If the weather doesn't agree with a long walk down the beach, then head straight to the Museo de Maricel to see a number of art collections starting from the tenth century to the first half of the twentieth century. Walk to Carrer Jesus or Carrer Major, two remarkable shopping streets in the city for jewellery, clothing or chocolates.

The best way to reach Sitges is by train from Barcelona. This way of transport is not only economical, but also offers spectacular views of the surroundings. You can also travel to this coastal town via car or taxi.


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