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Sinaia Romania

Situated approximately 100 kilometres from Bucharest, the alpine city of Sinaia is renowned for its fairytale scenery and medieval castles. Dating back to 1695 when the Knight, Mihai Cantacuzino constructed his monastery in the Transylvanian mountains, it was the arrival of the railways across Eastern Europe that saw the town grow during the 19th century. Today, the city remains a snowy retreat for families in search of winter sports, hiking and traditional Romanian countryside.

One of the main attractions in Sinaia is it’s picturesque Transylvanian architecture. The most famous structure is perhaps PeleČ™ Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle, built by the first King of Romania, Carol l. Inside the renaissance-era building you’ll find art exhibitions featuring works by Gustav Klimt and silverware once owned by the Romanian royal family. Elsewhere, the Sinaia Monastery remains a must see landmark, perched amid the mountain landscape of the city.

There’s many things to do in Sinaia, from skiing and mountain biking to more cultural excursions. Head to the former home of Romanian composer George Enescu to gain a deeper insight into the region or spend an afternoon in one of the city’s many coffee houses. Elsewhere, the Franz Joseph and Saint Annes Cliffs or the cable car to the summit of the Bucegi Mountains offer awe-inspiring views of the surrounding scenery. Alternatively, modern Sinaia is now home to contemporary restaurants and nightclubs, catered to delicious meals and cocktails, the best being Club 798.


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