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Siena Italy

From the splashes of reddish-brown of its classic brick buildings to Tuscany’s green landscape, Siena is a characterful city with a rich cultural legacy. Its laid-back atmosphere persuades travellers and locals alike, into sipping on some wine and simply admiring the city’s rustic charm.

The Gothic architecture of this Italian city has made its historic centre a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On your Siena trip, you can walk the cobbled streets of the shell-shaped main square, Piazza del Campo, to admire its distinctive edifices. At the piazza, you’ll come across impressive structures, such as Palazzo Pubblico, Palazzo Sansedoni and Torre del Mangia. You'll also get to see the monumental fountain, Fonte Gaia, and one of Italy’s finest churches, the 15th-century Siena Cathedral – also known as the ‘Duomo’.

Perched between two prominent wine regions of Chianti and Montalcino, Siena lays out a lot of options for famous Tuscan wines. To sample some local specialities, you can indulge in a wine tasting in the city’s historical centre or set out on a day-trip to family-run wineries along the Sienese countryside, enjoying the view of rolling hills and olive groves.


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