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Shenzhen China

Connecting Hong Kong to China’s mainland, Shenzhen is an evolving metropolis thick with gleaming skyscrapers, unique theme parks and a host of retail options.

Some of the most popular attractions in Shenzhen are its thoughtfully designed amusement parks that form Overseas Chinese Town or OCT. These include Happy Valley, which features nine themed sections, thrilling roller coasters, a water park and a miniature train. For a look at the culture, traditions and landmarks of China, head to the nearby Splendid China Folk Village. Then there’s Window of the World, home to detailed replicas of iconic monuments – from the Eiffel Tower to the Pyramids of Giza. The sprawling complex also offers contemporary art spaces like OCT-LOFT and the He Xiangning Art Museum. Nature lovers can check out the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, peppered with bridges, pagodas and conceptualised gardens of bonsai, bamboo and a variety of exotic flowers.

For some retail therapy in Shenzhen, you can spend hours browsing international and local brands alike at COCO Park. The shopping centre is also sprinkled with plenty of restaurants and bars where you can stop for a bite in between. For great bargains, head to Luohu Commercial City – a five-level mall that offers everything from electronics to designer knockoffs under one roof.


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