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Shanghai China

While Shanghai’s skyline may portray a futuristic outlook, the Chinese city remains one of the oldest in the world. Situated on the famous Yangtze River, Shanghai is home to dynasty-era temples, waterways and a proud heritage that combines both Asian and Western cultures.

Dating back over 6,000 years, Shanghai has grown to become one of the world’s most populous and important financial cities. As a vital trading point between Europe and the Far East during the Song dynasty, the city experienced a golden age that continued throughout the 19th-century, through the Japanese occupation of WWll and into the present day, where the influences of such events can still be felt.

The futurist architecture of the Jin Mao and Oriental Pearl Tower offer breathtaking views of the city and nearby historical districts, while Shanghai’s heritage can be found at the Jade Buddha Temple. Take a boat tour along the Yangtze River to the Zhujiajiao Watertown to find traditional cuisine and markets or humour the children with a once in a lifetime trip to Shanghai Disneyland.

The diverse blend of eastern and western culture is present across Shanghai’s food scene, with many restaurants serving European staples. Head to popular chain restaurants like Din Tai Fung for hot soup dumplings and steamed crab or the Wujiang and Zaphu Road for market stalls selling Peking duck, rice bowls and pork.


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