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Sendai Japan

Sendai is a city in the Tohoku Region, famous as the seat of Date Masamune, one of feudal Japan's most influential lords. Steeped in history, culture and natural beauty, this city is widely known for the Sendai Tanabata festival or the Japanese star festival.

Sendai is a treasure for all those who enjoy history. Zuihoden Mausoleum, the final resting place of Date Masamune and other members of his clan, is a revered spot with intricate woodwork and patterns of gold. For more insights into the history of the land, head to Sendai Museum, where lines of artefacts belonging to the Date clan greet you. Among those, you'll get to see 400-year-old armour and helmets, pottery items and other artwork. Take a quick tour of the ruins of the Sendai castle, the home of the samurai clan.

The best way to explore Sendai is by going around on foot. There are plenty of restaurants serving Gyutan or beef tongue in the Kokubuncho neighbourhood. You can travel from one part of the city to the other by a strong subway system served by two lines running north to south and east to west.


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