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Segovia Spain

Situated in the region of Castile and León, the Spanish city of Segovia is renowned for its Romanesque and Medieval architecture. The Aqueduct of Segovia is perhaps the city’s most famous landmark, dating back to the first century during the reign of Emperor Domitian. Here, you’ll be able to wander underneath ancient arches and appreciate the advanced technological achievements of civilisations gone by. Elsewhere, the Church of St Stephen and the Monastery of Saint Mary of Parral are two of the city’s foremost medieval structures, while the Alcázar de Segovia was said to have acted as the inspiration behind Walt Disney’s famous castle. Across Segovia, you’ll find many viewing points suited to admiring the architecture and old time appeal of the city.

Like a lot of Spanish cities, Segovia excels when it comes to food. Explore the hidden alleyways around the main square to find locals enjoying tapas and regional dishes like Iberian ham and Cochinillo – a roasted pork dish dating back to a period of Jewish ostracisation in the city. It was said that eating pork was the best way to prove your Christianity. If you’re willing to travel the short distance to Madrid, head to Sobrino de Botín – one of Spain’s oldest restaurants and a former favourite of Ernest Hemingway. Within Segovia, the Plaza Mayor is filled with restaurants serving traditional Spanish cuisine at locations like José María and Meson Don JIMENO.


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