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Scarborough UK

Scarborough is characterised by its craggy stone headlands looking over the North Sea. This 10th-century Viking fishing settlement is one of northeastern England’s most popular seaside resort towns, offering a good mix of beaches for sunny days and museums for the rainy ones.

The history of the city is closely knitted with the Scarborough Castle that has witnessed centuries-worth of events and sieges, while standing mightily on a huge promontory above the sea. You can visit the castle to not only trace the past of this royal fortress, but also get unparalleled views of the dramatic Yorkshire Coast. Scarborough’s Old Town extends along the harbour and castle hill. You can walk down its narrow streets to get a glimpse of the city’s rich maritime heritage while nibbling on a stick of rock, a local candy.

When the skies are clear, you can soak up some sun along the sandy shores of South Bay or walk around the oriental-themed Peasholm Park. For some traditional English fish and chips, make your way to a waterfront eatery at Scarborough Harbour. You can also spend time exploring the Scarborough Spa and hear an orchestra play some classical tunes while enjoying the sea breeze.


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