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Sao Paulo
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Sao Paulo Brazil

Home to 20 million proud residents, São Paulo is one of the world's largest cities, and as Brazil's financial centre, it's also one of Latin America's biggest hubs. With iconic monuments, a thriving arts scene and lively nightlife, it's no wonder that 'Sampa' draws in the crowds, and you'll be hard-pressed to not succumb to its charms.

Where São Paulo really comes into its own is in its vibrant and diverse nightlife scene. The bohemian Vila Madalena neighbourhood – often referred to as 'Vila' – is brimming with laid-back bars. In contrast, the warehouses and railway arches of the up-and-coming Barra Funda are home to some of the city's coolest electronic and hip-hop clubs. If you're in the mood to dance, head to Vila do Samba or Traço de União – two famous samba houses in the city.

With over 12,000 restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world, São Paulo is a foodie's paradise. From Michelin-starred restaurants to roadside eateries, there's plenty to sink your teeth into. Local delicacies found here include 'coxinhas' or deep-fried chicken dumplings and 'bacalhau' – fritters made from mashed potatoes, salted cod, eggs, parsley and onion.

There's ample to see and do while you're here. For architecture, head to the towering neo-Gothic cathedral or the Pinacoteca de São Paulo – one of Brazil's most important art museums. And if you're looking to escape the city's hustle and bustle, go for a stroll around the green spaces of Ibirapuera Park.


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