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Santiago de Compostela
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Santiago de Compostela Spain

In the heart of the Galicia region of Spain lies the city of Santiago de Compostela. Packed with history, culture and tradition, it was once a sacred city with pilgrims flocking from all over Europe.

The monuments and structures in Santiago de Compostela hold religious significance and remain some of the most visited sites. Catedral de Santiago is a centuries-old Christian monument and a spectacular example of a mixture of Gothic, Neoclassical and other architectural styles. Take some time to visit the Catedralicio Museum – located inside the cathedral – to get an understanding of the building’s historical value and see a number of exhibitions featuring tapestries and paintings.

Santiago de Compostela offers a treasure trove of history along with expansive green spaces where you can take in some fresh air and to catch a break from the city. Parque Galeras runs along the Sarela River with lawns providing walking paths, a children’s playground and stunning views of the city. Parque Belvis is another park surrounded by stone walls and is characterised by three labyrinths made from picturesque camellia hedges. Parque Alameda is a 16th-century park presenting fountains, flower gardens and ponds along with sport areas and a playground.

The Old Town of Santiago de Compostela is a UNESCO-listed site and is a traditional square with two parallel streets. Lined with quaint boutiques, elegant cafes and restaurants, a walk around this plaza is pleasant and gives off an old-world charm that attracts people from all over the world.


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