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Sanremo Italy

Its scenic coastal location and inviting Mediterranean climate makes Sanremo a major tourism hotspot in Italy. Luxuriant villas and gardens, historic churches and bustling piazzas add a distinct charm to this vibrant city.

As you stroll through public parks and private gardens overflowing with colourful plants, you’ll soon realise why Sanremo is called the ‘City of Flowers’. For a closer look at the city’s love of blooms, head to the impressive Villa Ormond, where themed areas showcase blossoms from around the world. Its palm groves, Japanese garden and Italian-style central lawn can be easily explored via paved walking paths. Just down the road is Villa Nobel, a Gothic Revivalist structure flanked by palm trees. Here, you can learn about the city’s association with Alfred Nobel while exploring its tastefully decorated interiors and a landscaped garden.

Sanremo’s architectural variety is on full display in its churches and monuments. At the 12th-century San Siro Cathedral, you can catch glimpses of classic Roman architecture in its multi-level bell tower. A short stroll south from this cathedral will take you to Sanremo Casino, where you can enjoy gambling, theatre performances and dining in an art nouveau building. Further along the same path is the five-domed Russian Church constructed in the Russian Revivalist-style. Santuario della Madonna della Costa is worth a visit too, not just for its baroque design but its superb city and harbour views too.


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