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San Diego
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San Diego USA

Situated on the west coast of the United States, San Diego is synonymous with blue ocean waves, warm California sun and relaxed neighbourhoods. With the Mexican border just about 28 kilometres from the city, San Diego is the southernmost city in California.

The Maritime museum of San Diego preserves the naval heritage of the country and offers a huge collection of historic vessels, including Star of India – the world’s oldest active ship. You can step inside these vessels to discover a world of maritime history and fascinating voyages. The longest serving American aircraft carrier, USS Midway, serves as an interactive museum that hosts events and educational programmes, and features an extensive collection of restored aircrafts. Narrated by Midway sailors, your audio guide will help you explore the engine rooms, sleeping quarters and the officers' quarters among other locations.

Owing to its location and year-round pleasant temperature, San Diego is the ideal destination for sea and sun lovers. The white-sand beach of Coronado is a popular location for watersports and seafood dishes. You can sit back and relax at the Cardiff State Beach and watch surfers ride glittering blue waves. If you wish to experience the nightlife of San Diego, try to stop at the Pacific Beach and go bar hopping.

San Diego has a wide number of activities to offer to its visitors. From visiting the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld aquarium to admiring panoramic views of the sea from Sunset Cliffs, this Californian city promises you a memorable holiday.


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