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Salta Argentina

Located in the northwest corner of Argentina, Salta transports you back to an older way of life that feels untouched by modern society. Surrounded by the rural scenery of the Andean landscapes, its neoclassical architecture and wonderful hiking trails will keep you captivated.

Salta’s leafy Plaza 9 de Julio is a good point to start exploring the city’s striking architecture. It’s home to the magnificent Salta Cathedral, known for its baroque-style pink and yellow facade. Other architectural highlights around the plaza include the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo gallery, the Museum of Northern History and San Fransico Church.

Salta is a great place to sample national dishes like empanadas or regional offerings like humitas – sweet corn pies with a goat cheese filling. Meat eaters should try a world-famous Argentinian steak at a local ‘parilla’. These restaurants specialise in grilled cuts cooked over an open fire for an extra smokey flavour. Popular drinks include local beers like Salta Negra or a glass of wine from the vineyards of nearby Cafayate.

There are many nature paths to choose from in Salta, but one of the most rewarding is the Cerro San Bernardo walk. If you can muster the energy to climb the 1,000 steps to the hilltop, you’ll be rewarded with incredible views over the city. About 20 minutes’ drive from the centre, you can find the Quedabra de San Lorenzo Reserve which offers trekking trails through the Andean forest.


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