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Salamanca Spain

Spread across several rolling hills by the Tormes river, Salamanca is a charming and quaint Spanish city. The capital of the Province of Salamanca boasts an impressive academic history and is packed with architectural delights and natural landscapes perfect for an enchanting getaway.

There are many gorgeous buildings dotted across Salamanca, and the Plaza Mayor is the crowning jewel of them all. Located in the UNESCO-listed Old City, it’s widely regarded as one of Spain’s most beautiful plazas. The baroque architecture is a sight to behold, while the golden glow from its sandstone adds to the ambiance of those long Spanish nights. The square’s bustling restaurants, jewelry shops and ice cream parlours offer the perfect pit-stop, too.

Salamanca is filled with plenty of historical monuments. Founded in 1218, the University of Salamanca is one of the world’s oldest academic institutions. The building itself is a visual feast, while the library inside keeps thousands of ancient manuscripts safe. There’s also the Roman bridge of Salamanca, which has spanned the Tormes river for about two thousand years. This rustic relic features 26 arches and stands proud as a testament to Salamanca's heritage.

Outside Salamanca is a lush Spanish landscape just waiting to be discovered. Check out Arribes del Duero Natural Park, a vast region that features one of Europe’s largest inland lakes. The whole area is filled with rolling green sceneries, and its mountains even help to produce some of Spain’s world-famous wine.


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