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Saint Malo
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Saint Malo France

The walled city of Saint-Malo is unique for its medieval architecture and proximity to some of Brittany's best beaches, as well as for some of Northern France's best seafood delicacies.

While the Gauls had settled here during the first century, it was the Normans who utilised Saint-Malo's coastal location to build forts for their sea-faring battles. The preserved walls of the city are still visited by tourists today. After allied bombing raids destroyed much of the city, Saint-Malo experienced a period of regeneration –and the modern districts developed, creating a mix of old and new.

During your visit to Saint-Malo, you'll find many things to see, including the 14th-century medieval architecture of the Solidor Tower, the Saint-Malo Cathedral, the Fort National and Fort de la Conchée. You can gain insights into the medieval history of Northern France, stroll the quaint streets of the Old Town and take in the sights at Chateaubriand Square. When you're feeling peckish, head to Parame or Bon Secours beach to sample delicious seafood and crepes. If a day trip is on your mind, there are other walled cities and nature reserves nearby – such as Pointe de la Varde, Dinan and Mont St. Michel.


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