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Saint-Jean-de-Luz France

Once a key fishing port and base for Basque corsairs, Saint-Jean-de-Luz revels as one of the most desired seaside holiday destinations in France today. This paradisiacal commune rests along a crescent-shaped bay, engulfed in an old-world charm that comes from its eventful past and impressive 17th-century structures.

Undeniably, the most alluring feature of this town is its golden shoreline, making no trip to Saint-Jean-de-Luz complete without spending time at the Grande Plage. This fine sand beach is situated in the heart of the city against the backdrop of white and red buildings and is protected by dramatic sea walls, offering beachgoers a beautiful and varied landscape. You can also head to Plage d’Erromardie – a sand and pebble beach frequented by surfers – resting along a small headland. Another way to enjoy coastal views is to set out on a walk or bike ride along the vibrant harbour.

The distinct identity of Saint-Jean-de-Luz lies in its elegant buildings lined along Rue Gambetta, a quaint pedestrianised street in the historical heart of the town. You can wander around the narrow alleyways and stop by the magnificent Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church that hosted the royal wedding of Louis XIV and Maria Theresa in 1660. At the end of this street, you’ll find Maison Louis XIV, a grand palace where the king spent his last days of bachelorhood.


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