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Saariselka Finland

Saariselka is a small village located in the northern part of Finland, known for its natural beauty, outdoor activities and winter sports. It's a popular destination for tourists looking to experience the Arctic wilderness, enjoy the Northern Lights, and take part in winter sports.

One of the main attractions in Saariselka is the Urho Kekkonen National Park, which offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching. Visitors can explore the park's beautiful wilderness and take in the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

Another popular attraction in Saariselka is the Saariselka Ski Resort, which offers a wide range of winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. The resort is open from December to April, and offers visitors an opportunity to experience the Arctic wilderness while enjoying their favorite winter sports.

For those looking to experience the Northern Lights, Saariselka is a great destination. The village is located far away from the city lights and has a great location for observing the Northern Lights, the best season for this is from September to April. Visitors can take a guided tour or go out on their own to admire the natural phenomenon.

Saariselka is also a great place for those looking for relaxation. The village offers a variety of accommodation options, including traditional Finnish log cabins and high-end resorts, where visitors can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Arctic wilderness.

Overall, Saariselka is a great destination for those looking to experience the Arctic wilderness and enjoy winter sports. With a mix of natural beauty, outdoor activities and Northern Lights, Saariselka has something to offer for everyone.

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