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Rovaniemi Finland

The capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi is best known as the official residence of Santa Claus. Apart from fluffy huskies, reindeers and breathtaking views of the northern lights, this Finnish city is home to top-class museums, fine dining options and a vibrant nightlife.

Rovaniemi has a host of museums that display the cultural and historical treasures of Finland. The Arktikum Science Museum focuses on the history of Finnish Lapland and life in the northern regions of the country. There's also a video room that gives you an experience of the Northern Lights. The Rovaniemi Art Museum highlights modern art of the region featuring Lapland artists. You'll be able to see images depicting nature and the wilderness alongside pictures of buildings and cityscapes.

A trip to the city of Rovaniemi is filled with adventure, exciting activities and new experiences. If you're in this region during November or December, try visiting Santa Village to witness the declaration of the Christmas season. At this place, you can go for sleigh or husky rides, spend the night in a typical northern cabin or sway to the beats of local music. An hour away from the city lies the Lampivaara Amethyst Mine. This unique place offers you the opportunity to mine your own amethyst. Another interesting thing you can do during your Rovaniemi visit is stay in an igloo hotel. The glass roof of these cabins give you an open view of the sky lit up by the colours of the northern lights.


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