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Riva del Garda
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Riva del Garda Italy

The Italian lakeside town of Riva del Garda is an ideal base for exploring the surrounding waterfront and mountainside scenery. Perched on the northern shores of Lake Garda, the city’s dreamy scenery have made it a favourite destination for holidaying royals and celebrities alike.

There are endless opportunities for exploring Riva del Garda’s scenery, from windsurfing on the lake to hiking through the foothills of Monte Brione. A three-hour loop trail will also lead you past several key forts which date back as far as World War I. Be sure to make some stops along your route to savour the amazing views over Lake Garda and the mountains shrouded in a blanket of green forests.

Riva del Garda’s historic centre is easily explored on foot; its winding streets lead to an assortment of ancient architecture. One of the most striking buildings is the 13th-century Apponale Tower which overlooks the main square of Piazza III Novembre. You'll have the option to ascend the tower via 165 narrow steps, offering a wonderful view of the town and surrounding scenery from the top. The city is also home to a medieval castle known as ‘Rocca’, offering an on-site museum with exhibitions devoted to archaeology, paintings and history.

Cooling off in the lake after a picturesque hike is a favourite pastime of Riva locals, with the beaches of Sabbioni and Porfina two of the most popular spots for swimming and water sports.


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